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Expats filming people in the Philippines for money

by Mark Allen ~ September 6, 2016

According to the 2010 census, there's nearly 200,000 foreigners currently living the Philippines. If you follow along with travel message boards or social media sites, you'll often hear these foreigners called Expats.

Originally, I had thought Expat meant you were an immigrant, with temporary or permanent status, but I guess for the sake of social media, let's think of you as an Expat even if you have no desire to be an immigrant in any sense. As long as you visit and extend your stay to study, go backpacking, visit a girl you met online, or whatever the case may be, let's think of you as an Expat.

So, you are now offically an Expat, and that costs money.

How will you financially sustain this newly found lifestyle?

Hopefully you have plenty of money saved, have a pension, or draw Social Security benefits from your home country.

If you don't have enough money, there's of course ways to make money using the internet. One of the popular ways entails deciding to become a self proclaimed journalist, a travel expert, or merely just a person offering advise to others interested in doing what you're doing.

So, with video camera in hand, you start filming yourself and various places in the Philippines, interviewing people of interest, or randomly filming Filipinos going about their daily lives.

Then the next step is you simply start uploading your video productions to the social media where advertisers are eager to show ads to your viewers and pay you money.

Youtube is presently the most popular social media site to upload videos to for this purpose. If your video content is advertiser friendly, you'll have no problem making money with their program.

By 2014, there was such a noticeable influx of Expats in the Philippines making videos for money, that it caught the attention of the government, and some there proposed what is called the Anti-Selfie Bill.

This proposed bill was to deal with privacy issues of citizens.

What was undeniably clear, was that Filipino citizens are now constantly getting filmed by an ever increasing hoard of self proclaimed journalists, travel experts, and various other social media vloggers.

Keep in mind, Filipinos are friendly yet also quite shy people. Getting video cameras unexpectedly pointed in their faces is probably something they feel violated by. They may smile into your camera, but inwardly they most likely object.

Imagine for a minute trying Paparazzi style filming tactics on folks in America or in a lot of other countries. You probably would not.

As Andy Warhol said, 'Art is what you can get away with'.

The Philippines Anti-Selfie bill remains unapproved to this day, yet surely the thoughts that brought it about still remain.

As of this blog in 2016, Expats remain free to continue filming even non-consenting Filipino citizens to fund their Philippine dreams.

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