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Expats in the Philippines giving bad advise

by Mark Allen ~ September 9, 2016

A rising number of Expats in the Philippines have been going about irresponsibly or even intentionally skewing information and or life portrayal.

Many of them are undoubtedly blinded by their desire in making online advertising revenue and other related means of funding their lifestyle.

They are taking advantage of rising trends, among senior men looking for desirable places to retire, and younger men who are looking for a more minimalist way of life.

This promotion of the Philippines being the best place ever to live, ironically comes at a time that is increasingly proving quite to the contrary.

Such skewing of information may seem harmless at first glance, merely falling within the genre of opinion, which everyone is entitled to engage in the free world.

But the free world can also help develop problems like that of the mainstream media dominance, where special interest groups easily skew information to benefit select agendas.

This is where a great potential of destroying society, economy, and the pursuit of happiness of individuals is noted.

This is where we must take great concern.

In the case of self proclaimed Expat representatives in the Philippines who are often noted offering skewed information, my main focus is on the unccountability when in causing people to make ruinous decisions in travel, lifestyle, relationships, and personal safety.

They have influenced such decisions that have caused other foreigners to get imprisioned, and even killed in the Philippines.

At very least, they have at times been instrumental in people making decisions that have caused deportation, bad relationships, economic loss, and even homelessness.

Finding ways to make money online can be a good and wise thing to do, but should come with an accountability to be fair and truthful.

Telling or portraying merely half the story of living in the Philippines is not being truthful.

If you are a self elected Expat adviser in the Philippines that handles and distributes information aimed at folks who are looking to travel, or make lifestyle decisions, you should realize your responsibility to them, your fellow human beings.

This blog was written this day in true concern, and it is my belief that if such ruinous forces continue to grow, the rest of us out here have a responsibility to offset it.

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