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Man divorces American wife and marrys a Filipina

by Mark Allen ~ September 19, 2016

I'm a white American male, born in Los Angeles county, California.

At age two, my parents moved out of state to the midwest United States.

First Filipinas I ever met

I think back and remember two Filipino girls who were siblings at the elementary school I attended as a boy in Kansas City Missouri.

I quickly came to realize how different they were from the other American girls.

They would greet me whenever they'd see me. 'Hi Mark, how are you'? They were so pleasant and feminine.

They had a very notable romanticized perception of life that was very similar to my own.

There I was a boy of barely twelve years of age having thoughts that when guys grow up they should probably marry a woman from the Philippines.

Young man in my twenties

I spent my twenties furthering my education and working to support it. I graduated in electronics, general business, and religious studies, which were all different schools.

My first marriage

When I turned thirty one years of age, I met a lady, an American girl, half Italian and French Canadian.

We married a couple years later and stayed married just over ten years, having one child together.

Later on toward the end of our relationship, she was becoming quite self absorbed and delusional.

She started talking about how she was once nominated for a Nobel prize for her ideas on world peace.

Of the various delusions, none included her husband or our child together.

Willingly she gave me custody of our son and left to go live with her mother in Ohio.

Within three years, our divorce was finalized.

Where are the Filipinas?

After a period of depression due to the break up of my family, I gradually started thinking about my thoughts I had long ago.

What happened with the notion that a guy should grow up and marry a Filipina?

One day I saw an ad on the internet about meeting girls in the Philippines, and I joined the site.

It was like a penpal group, but in digital format. A place to chat with other members, an international dating site.

It certaintly wasn't like a mail order bride site, like the men of Korea join, where they pay to get a wife sent to them, and then the girl typically runs away shortly afterwards.

The site I joined served a basic purpose similar to the internet itself ....simply a means of digitally connecting with someone some place in the world and exchanging dialogue and information.

It worked out great for myself and my now Filipina wife.

We've been happily married now for over seven years.

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